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The List

Alasdair Gray - Author of "1982, Janine!"

Albert Camus
Allen Ginsberg

Anthony Burgess

Bret Easton Ellis

Chuck Palahniuk - Needs no explanation...











Cooper Dennis

Dan Fante (Son of John Fante)

Fernando Pessoa

George Orwell
Henry Miller
Hubert Selby Jr.
Hunter S. Thompson
Irvine Welsh - Author of "Trainspotting"
Jack Kerouac - Specifically "On The Road"
Jay McInerney - Author of "Bright Lights, Big City"
JD Salinger
Jeffrey Bernard - Author of  "Low Life"
JG Ballard - Specifically "Cocaine Nights
Jim Morrison (Basketball Diaries)
John Dos Passos












John Fante - Often cited as an influence of Bukowski
John Irving - Any of his earlier work, anything pre 1994
John O'Brien - Author of "Leaving Las Vegas"
Joseph Conrad
Ken Keysey - Author of "One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest"
Knut Hamsun
Kurt Vonnegut
Louis-Ferdinand Céline - Often cited as an influence of Bukowski
Martin Amis
Matthew Stokoe

Philip Roth - Author of "Portnoy's Complaint"

Ray Bradbury
Richard Brautigan
Sylvia Plath - Author of "The Bell Jar
Thomas Pynchon
Tom Robbins

William Golding - "Lord Of The Flies"
William S. Burroughs - Author of "Naked Lunch"

Vladimir Nabokov - "Lolita" author

Glass - Alex Christofi

Well, that's it. It isn't an exhaustive list, there's plenty of other writers out there who write either similar to or like Charles Bukowski. Or maybe you like Hunter S. Thompson and  his infamous "Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas."  Or  could be you got a thing for Chuck Palaniuk's pretty wide-ranging work. Good, popular examples: "Choke" and "Fight Club". 

What about Ballard - author of  "Crash" and a completely unrelated work: "Empire Of The Sun"?

The two titles couldn't be more different. I don't get much of his work, by the way, but I know there is something pretty powerful there. For me, his "Cocaine Nights" was the one that stood out.

And that's the thing, particular readers like particular writers. Not all readers like the same particular writers. These writers, they're unique and as you go about your literary journey, some of them just won't make the cut - with you. You just have to read to find out...

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Charles Bukowski, Transgressive Author and Poet